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However, the second time, there were three or four commenters who lost their minds and threw a constant barrage of snarky, negative bullcrap at her that I thought was unfair and shitty.Very few people on the planet have the courage to talk about these issues publicly. I thought it might be educational to provide a viewpoint on a serious, non-monogamous relationship from the female perspective. ) publicly talk about this topic, so this is one of the rare times you’ll get some insight on this.Today, instead of writing an article about Pink Firefly’s and my relationship, I’ll just turn it over to her and let her answer any questions you have for her in the comments.For those of you who don’t know, Pink Firefly is my OLTR / fiancé who is soon moving in with me under an OLTR marriage, something I’ve been talking about wanting to do for around seven years now. If you want to read the most recent update I made about this relationship, read this article.She’s free to answer any questions she receives from you.

(I don’t give a shit if get respect or politeness from the audience; I’m here to make money, not get respect; but with PF, I expect some.) That’s it!

It's about a young female and an elder mid aged man, both as horny as they ever could get.

All sexually involved characters are eighteen years old or beyond! But all characters exists but their names have been changed to protect the involved, from any accuses or embarrassments, nothing illegal has ever occurred! Go ahead and enjoy my fiction, or true, story it's all up to you to decide or chose to believe. I am a man in my mid forties and in this story I will refer myself as Bob, I'm average hight and built not skinny nor fat, I'm kind of muscular not like training on daily basis fit, but fit for my age so to say.

unlimited free speech is allowed as long as you follow the 5 Simple Rules.

Other than the financial / legal stuff, there are no questions that are off limits; feel free to ask her whatever you like! I will also comment when needed to provide context.

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